[Firehol-support] [ANNOUNCE] FireHOL 2.0.0-pre7 released

Phil Whineray phil at sanewall.org
Sun Apr 13 17:56:19 BST 2014


I have released a version 2.0.0-pre7 of FireHOL. Main reason is to push
out various changes before a full 2.0.0 which is taking a bit longer
than I hoped.

As usual, you can get it from the website:

>From the ChangeLog:
  * FireQOS fixes/enhancements
    - full bidirectional interface support, including firehol like services
    - running on OpenWRT (insmod instead of modprobe, low-res timers)
    - option to limit each match to a specific rate

  * FireHOL fixes/enhancements
    - firehol save now writes to the specified files again
    - firehol save, restore and fastactivation now work IPv4-only mode
    - improved fast activation error handling (issue #22)
    - improved mark/connmark handling (issue #23)
    - tproxy support added

  * Documentation
    - Link and spelling fixes
    - new config examples

Final release is taking a while due an effort to rework documentation
from DocBook into pandoc/markdown to make it easier to contribute to.
That work should be done soon.

Thanks to everyone who's provided feedback so far.


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