[Firehol-support] text "ERROR" shown by "fireqos status" for first class in class group

Phineas Gage phineas919 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 10:05:20 BST 2015


In FireQOS 2.0.2, When I run "fireqos status <dev>” (where <dev> is either eth1-in or eth1-out), I see the text ERROR for the first class in a class group. So the output looks like this:

FireQOS 2.0.2
(C) 2013-2014 Costa Tsaousis, GPL

eth1-out: eth1 output => eth1, type: , overhead: 
Rate: 100000Kbit/s, min: 12Kbit/s
Values in Kbit/s

  CLASS     lan    adsl ad/voip ad/busi ad/defa ad/conf ad/priv default 
CLASSID    1:11    12:1   12:11   12:12 12:5012   12:14   12:15  1:5000 
 COMMIT   50000     360      72      54      54      54      54      12 
    MAX   50000     360     360     360     360     360     360  100000 

PRIORIT       1       0       0       1       4       2       3       1 
  QDISC fq_code fq_code fq_code fq_code fq_code fq_code fq_code fq_code 

 color code (packets):  backlog  |  dropped  |  delayed  |  requeued 
 Class Utilization on eth1-out (eth1 output => eth1) - values in Kbit/s
  TOTAL     lan    adsl ad/voip ad/busi ad/defa ad/conf ad/priv default 
     19       2      15   ERROR       -       1       -      14       2 
     41       4      37   ERROR       -       -       -      37       - 

Looking at the fireqos script, it’s line 3022, in FireQOS 2.0.2, that decides to print ERROR when the value of $y is zero length, for some reason.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed about it:

- If the first class in my class group is “default”, it doesn’t happen. That’s the way I had it before, but I need to make a change now.
- If I change the rates on my classes and groups slightly, the ERROR can go away, but it seems inconsistent what changes produce what result.
- If I switch the order such that for example “business” is the first class in the group instead of “voip” then “business” is the one that sees the error.

I attached my fireqos.conf, with variable definitions removed, as well as the output from “tc class show dev eth1”, in case it’s useful.

Any ideas?


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