[Firehol-support] FireHOL and miniupnpd

Ignacio Benedetti tranceway at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 04:23:46 BST 2015


I'm using FireHOL and FireQOS in my router/server (PC with two NICs) at
home under Arch Linux.

All is running great but I want to get miniupnpd running to open ports
dinamically (PlayStation3 games requires this and some torrent clients).

The problem is when I try to start miniupnpd services, here the log [0].
Enabling server multicast accept does not work (or what I'm doing is wrong).

And the question that I have is: Can miniupnpd handle the open, close and
NAT of ports without breaking the firehol settings?

Thanks a lot, and excuse me my ugly English
My firehol config [1]

[0]: http://pastebin.com/F5RzHPxz
[1]: http://pastebin.com/tqJJWjz9

Ignacio J. M. Benedetti
mailto:tranceway at gmail.com

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