[Firehol-support] Dynamic hosts (eg no-ip) and fail2ban

Tsaousis, Costa costa at tsaousis.gr
Tue Dec 8 20:15:45 GMT 2015

> So I am not sure how to actually update the ipset I have dynamically. Maybe
> I could build a second ipset and using 'ipset swap’? But it seems to be from
> the instructions below that I should use update-upsets?

update-ipsets handles everything.

> One question though is this is
> installing the head branch version. This is going to go on production
> machines... so is there any hash which is more stable than others? Or at
> least a release candidate I should be using? eg 3.0.0-rc.4 maybe? Or maybe
> even better a ppa? (I am not at all a packaging guru so don't immediately
> know how to make a ppa, but I do know it would be very nice to have the
> firewall on the production machines to be updated when our automatic
> unattended security upgrades periodically kick in...) (Of course I am
> guessing this is likely not a trivial amount of work…)

We are about to release firehol v3
The master branch is stable too.
I use it on production machines. Since firehol and update-ipsets are
just scripts, there are very little to go wrong. Even if something is
wrong and we don't know it yet, a specific feature or function will
most probably fail. You can use the 'explain' mode of firehol to check
the generated iptables statements, in order to trust it.


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