[Firehol-support] Transparent Proxy and firehol problem

Tony Peña emperor.cu at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 20:12:06 GMT 2015

Hi I used firehol with transparent proxy and everything works fine but with
the option inface eth1 (lan) outface eth0 (wan)

But today i must have to configure the same with pppoe so i have change
eth0 with ppp+ but not works

This is my conf

version 5

transparent_proxy "80 8080" 3128 "root proxy" inface eth1

interface ppp+ internet
    policy accept
    server ssh accept
    client all accept

interface eth1 lan
    policy accept
    server "ssh dhcp http ftp squid icmp" accept
    client all accept

router lan2inet inface eth1 outface ppp+
    route all accept

If i set proxy in the browser i can go to internet normally but if I unset
the proxy as none (transparent) not work

What i'm missing with the pppoe conex?

Eth0 exist but not have ip
Eth1 have ip of lan
Ppp0 is connected ok to peer-to-peer normally with user/pass with pppoe
conexion of dsl-provider

I can see in the logs like ppp0 in cant out to same ppp0

in the logs i see the packets blocked and some time in the request is like
ppp0 can't go out with as ppp0 but with the ip of the peer.....

Any idea ? What i'm missing in the conf?

thanxs in advance

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