[Firehol-support] Debian Wheezy

Rich forums at artfulrobot.uk
Tue Feb 24 20:54:51 GMT 2015


I've just come across firehol and it looks great, simple yet powerful.

However, when I went to install on Debian Wheezy, it was going to install v1.2 but I notice that you're now up to v3!

I'm concerned that the Debian version is going to be too old - got to assume there was good reason for two major version increases!

I'm not massively keen on compiling from source because this is time consuming (I have 7 servers) , requires packages I don't want on my servers for security reasons (compilers), and all has to be repeated if a security release comes out, it's hard to maintain.

Does anyone publish a Debian repo for a more up to date version for wheezy? I doubt I need bleeding edge but just feel 2 major versions behind is not good.  What does anyone else do?



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