[Firehol-support] [ANNOUNCE] FireHOL 2.0.2 released: Debian package

Jerome BENOIT g6299304p at rezozer.net
Fri Mar 6 11:46:37 GMT 2015

Hello All,

On 06/03/15 09:00, Phil Whineray wrote:
> All
> I have released version 2.0.2 of FireHOL.
> As usual, you can get it from the website:
>   http://firehol.org/download/releases/v2.0.2/
> The main change is a bugfix which ensures the firewall code is finished
> off properly for joint ipv4/ipv6 firewalls where the last interface
> router is ipv4 or ipv6 only.
> For people who are differentiating ipv4 and ipv6 at the interface or
> router level this is an important fix. Without it, one ip version of
> your firewall will not accept RELATED traffic or log dropped packets.
> People who only use "interface" and "router" to do both simultaneously
> are not affected, even if they differentiate individual helper and/or
> service rules. Those who produce an IPv4 or IPv6 only firewall will
> not be affected either.
> Thanks to Alon Bar-Lev we also have an option to ./configure which
> allows suppressing the pdf and html during installation.
> On a side note, these changes are also in the master branch along
> with some other fixes and v3 documentation improvements so I will
> produce a new -rc this weekend.

I have just updated the debian package and deposited at Alioth.
I Have also asked for a review, so it might reach Sid soon.


> Regards
> Phil
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