[Firehol-support] dnsbl-ipset.sh

Tsaousis, Costa costa at tsaousis.gr
Fri May 22 00:45:58 BST 2015

Hi all,

Following the update-ipsets.sh tool and the relative repo with the
supported ipsets (https://github.com/ktsaou/blocklist-ipsets), I have
added a new tool to FireHOL (in the contrib directory).

It is called: dnsbl-ipset.sh

This tool tries to figure out a blacklist ipset using the available DNSBLs.

I know it sounds strange. DNSBL are used to detect spam emails. How
these can help create a blocklist? Well, they do to some degree!

Check a quick how-to here: https://github.com/ktsaou/firehol/wiki/dnsbl-ipset.sh

I'll be glad to hear what you have to say about this...



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