[Firehol-support] Mixed IPv4 and IPv6 variables

Phil Whineray phil at sanewall.org
Sun Oct 25 15:33:28 GMT 2015

Hi Arthur

For some reason your message was filtered before it reached the list.
Most likely it was sent as HTML-only or something? Anyhow...

> I'd like to create "mixed" variables that contain both IPv4 and IPv6
> addresses that work the same way as UNROUTABLE_IPS.

At the moment you can only pass both IPv4 and IPv6 to a single
command by using as e.g. src4 and src6 and two separate lists.

The special variables are specially expanded (when the name is
recognised), it's not a general mechanism.

> Is there any way for users to create such variables?

Not out of the box. It starts to get very hard to define what
the behaviour should be if one half of the list is empty.

Obviously the config file is a bash script so it should be
possible for you to define a custom function that splits a single list
apart and then makes a call to a normal FireHOL rule.

Hope that helps

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