[Firehol-support] Best practices for docker...

Jason Harris jason at unifiedthought.com
Sat Jan 9 21:04:01 GMT 2016

What are the best practices for using firehol with docker?  I have been trying to read around about this before trying things myself but I haven’t found much. (I tried setting up networking with lxc containers but I stumbled across a lot of problems, some in lxc and some with networking and some since I am not a guru about this..)

Eg in docker with a simple docker file which allows ssh access to the container one might create and launch the docker container something like so:

   docker run --name myContainerInstance --publish 2072:22 --detach dockersshtemplate

(Give dockersshtemplate, This would create basically a new container running that we should be able to ssh into on the main machine at port 2072.) How would this interact with firehol running. What is the best way to set things up so that firehol and docker play nicely together…

I guess I am looking for blog posts, forum posts, documentation or comments here…

Thanks in advance!

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