[Firehol-support] Problem with Docker & FireHol

info at feli.ga info at feli.ga
Fri Apr 14 14:01:12 BST 2017

Hey guys,

I run a server with nginx as web server, and I am trying to reverse proxy another application which is listening on port 8080.
No problem I thought, but it is not working! I opened port 8080 in firehol to test if there is a problem with the software, but no.
Then I tried to curl (via ssh on my server) localhost:8080: nothing happened, after a while timeout.
Then I disabled firehol, and tried again: it works. Via nginx, via curl... So now I am having problems to understand WHY?! and how to solve it,
as I dont want my server to be running without firewall.

As I stated in the subject, the software on port 8080 is running in a docker container.

You can find my firehol config here: https://pastebin.com/aa0tBseP (https://pastebin.com/aa0tBseP)
Thank you for your time,

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