[Firehol-support] multipath tcp

Jon bae jonbae77 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 16:15:52 BST 2017

Hello everyone,
have somebody here experience with firehol as a firewall/router and
multipath tcp on a client computer?

I have here two virtual machines with the same mptcp kernals. Both runs on
different host and both hosts have firehol on it.

When I make a multipath tcp test on both vms, with:

curl http://www.multipath-tcp.org

I got from one vm the message the vm is MPTCP-capable, but the second vm
shows me that it is not capable.

I think it have something to do with firehol, on the host, but I don't know
way. The host where mptcp is not working have also a fireqos and
link-banalcer setup, can this be the reason?



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