[Firehol-support] limiting internet to certain periods of time

Spike spike at drba.org
Fri Feb 10 17:34:39 GMT 2017

Dear all,

I need to restrict internet for certain clients based on time ranges. So
for example ip a.b.c.d should only be able to reach the internet between 5
and 6pm, while x.y.w.z only between 1-2pm.

Before using firehol, I was accomplishing this by defining a custom chain
"timelimited" in the INPUT chain that would drop all traffic for the ips it
contained. I would then have cron firing off at various intervals adding
and removing ips from "timelimited".

What's the recommended way to implement this with firehol? I looked to see
if there was any utility for time based rules, but didn't find one.



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