[Firehol-support] NAT assistance

vendor33 at reticent.xyz vendor33 at reticent.xyz
Sun Jul 16 16:14:49 BST 2017


I am hoping someone could assist me with a configuration issue I cannot 
seem to get my head around.  I have Firehol setup on a VPS with IP 
address, one function of which is to provide OpenVPN services.  
For this configuration everything below works as expected.

However, I wish to additionally use the VPS and Firehol to translate 
incoming TCP traffic from a home server with public IP address 
to a remote server port 9999.  Can someone please assist me with 
the necessary NAT configuration?  It does not require bi-directional 
traffic but does require traffic response to since it is TCP.



version 5


ipv4 interface ens3 inet
         client all accept
         server openvpn accept
         server openssh accept src ""

ipv4 interface tun0 vpn
         server all accept
         client all accept

router inet2vpn inface ens3 outface tun0
         route all accept

router vpn2inet inface tun0 outface ens3
         route all accept

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