[Firehol-support] Installing time

Jon bae jonbae77 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 15:55:04 BST 2017


I have firehol installed on to different computer, one is using as a router
and the other as virtual machine host.

My router setup is, in my opinion, way more complicate. It manage different
networks, transparent proxy, traffic shaping and link balance. But the
installing time is still very good, it takes maybe 3-4 seconds.

My vm host have a way more simple setup, it only manage the incomming
interface and the vm network. But it have 5 NAT rules. The bad thing is,
that here the installing time is compared to the router very slow. I takes
almost 20 seconds.

On top both have a ipset trap setup, but this is similar.

Can it be, that using NAT rules give me this long time for installing?



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