[Firehol-support] FTP NAT ?

Nicolas Repentin nicolas at shivaserv.fr
Mon Jun 26 21:24:06 BST 2017

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a simple NAT rule for FTP. I don't understand why,
but when I use ftp port, it doesn't work :

my firehol server is My ftp is (reachable from
firehol server). My client is

If I do this :

dnat4 proto tcp dport 21 inface vpnhome src

router4 vpnhome2lan inface vpnhome outface eth0
    route "ftp" accept src

It doesn't work.

If I replace 21 or ftp by 2121, and change the FTP server port to 2121
it works.

I don't have firewall on FTP server, and the 21 port is not used on
firehol server.

Any idea?

Second problem, when using 2121, I can connect ftp server. But, fail
when trying to list folders.I got an error because is not
reachable... Any idea?

Is it a "best way" to create dnat for ftp ?


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