[Firehol-support] save and reload ipsets upon firehol restart

Spike spike at drba.org
Sat Mar 4 23:38:48 GMT 2017


from a previous thread I have a script helping me to manage timed internet
restrictions. This is done per suggestion using ipsets. I create the sets
in firehol.conf with ipset4 create.

The problem I'm facing is that when I restart firehol, which happens from
time to time as I'm still making adjustments to the conf, the ips in those
sets will be lost.

Is there any way that firehol could, knowing it manages those ipsets, dump
them before restarting and reload them afterwards? it seems possible given
that ipsets has provisions to save and restore sets so maybe whatever
shutdown/reload script could do a save when invoked and a load when
finished restarting.

but maybe this is already working and I'm missing how to do it.

Any thoughts?



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