[Firehol-support] [ANNOUNCE] FireHOL 3.1.6 released

Phil Whineray phil at firehol.org
Mon Aug 13 19:38:08 BST 2018


I have released version 3.1.6 of FireHOL.

You can download it from GitHub:

This wraps up about a year of bugfixes and minor enhancements (I thought
about making it 3.2.0), changelog extract below.

Thanks in particular to Herve Couplet and Pieter du Preez for
contributing to this release.

Anyone who verifies the GPG signatures will want to know that this
release is signed with a new key. I have made a transition statement
and signed it with the old and new keys here:


>From ChangeLog:

  * FireHOL

    - Boot startup fix #260
    - docker_bridge helper #114
    - Allow newer iptables #264
    - Log blocked/dropped packets in synproxy, mac, connlimit, fragments, ...
    - Fix wait for netfilter ready when using namespaces
    - Fast activation fixes #272
    - Allow matching DSCP CS0; fixes #288
    - Moved service definitions out of firehol / fireqos into separate files
    - Allow DROP_INVALID with any action (e.g. REJECT)

  * FireQOS

    - Fix status to works with newer iproute; fixes #317
    - Update sample service definition to start after network #315

  * Link-Balancer

    - linkdown: routes cannot be added or deleted whilst marked invalid #211

  * Update-Ipsets

    - Various fixes, including #266 #265
    - List additions, updates and removals
    - Minor enhancements

 * Common

    - Fix parallel builds #255
    - Harden unit tests against tool output changes


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