Something like "stop script" for FireHOL to keep NAT active?

kaskada at kaskada at
Tue Nov 23 20:23:41 GMT 2021

Hello forum,

I`m using FireHOL for 15 years, or something. Thank you for what you are doing...
Now I`m using FireHOL ver. "firehol-3.1.7.tar.bz2". I`m wandering if it is possible to have/setup/write a stop script which would run after "firehol stop" command.

Normally "firehol stop" clears al the rules, tables, ... which makes sense. But I`m running FireHOL on a 10Gbps and faster Linux routers with NAT (SNAT, DNAT and masquerade). And there is a problem, when I need to stop the firewall to debug the rules, the traffic for all users who are behind NAT is interrupted.

So I`d lke to have some script (or whatever other solution) which would keep NAT rules active even if fireHOL is stopped. Maybe the "stop script" would containd those NAT rules, so those will be reenabled right after "firehol stop" command.

Is anything possible like that? Thank you a lot.

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