helpme, Docker

firehol at firehol at
Tue Aug 2 16:31:00 BST 2022


I'm not sure if this project is still going or not(?) but I'm trying to 
use it for an internet server with several docker containers running on 
it, as well as some native services (nginx etc.)

I don't want the docker containers' services open to the internet, just 
the native nginx. But I do want the the docker containers to be able to 
talk to eachother, as that's essential for their functioning. I will use 
nginx to reverse proxy to docker services where needed.

Normally I run firehol helpme >/etc/firehol.conf

But now it's generated an enormous file, with 72 routers, and 9 interfaces.

Do I really need to configure all those combinations or is there a 
simpler way?



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