How to install Firehol on recent version of OpenWrt?

Phil Whineray phil at
Mon Sep 26 06:35:37 BST 2022

Apologies for the very very slow response.

We just now published some packages for OpenWrt 22.03.0 if you are
considering upgrading to that series.

Otherwise, or if your device has an arch that is not being built for, I
think your best bet is to follow the instructions at - you can edit before running it to customise it to your requirements.

Hope that helps and is not so late as to be useless

On Sat, 13 Aug 2022 at 19:04, Marc Lavallée <marc at> wrote:

> I'm using Firehol since 2014 on an old PC,
> now I want to install Firehol on a TP-Link router running OpenWrt.
> Packaged versions of Firehol are available here:
> The available .ipk package is for OpenWRT 19.07,
> but the latest stable version of OpenWrt for my router is 21.02.3
> How to package or install Firehol on a recent version of OpenWrt?
> Thanks
> Marc

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