[Firehol-devs] New firehol development

Phil Whineray phil at sanewall.org
Mon Sep 30 20:02:38 BST 2013

Hi Costa

On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 12:37:57PM +0300, Tsaousis, Costa wrote:
> Thank you for working on firehol. I already did a check on your code; is
> perfect! I you create a patch, please note that my development brach has
> fast activation (it may require from you some more tweaking).

I already took a look; hopefully it will not be too hard to do. Most of
the work will be in splitting out the changes I made to make sure I am
giving you the right updates.

> Unfortunatelly in this side of the world, no one offers ipv6 yet, so I
> don't use it. I'll be glad if you maintain ipv6 support.

It's still rare here, but I am fortunate in that my ISP has offered it for
a while. I'm happy to take this on.

> I'll also be glad if you take care of releases, site/documentation and user
> support. This is the main reason I stopped releasing firehol (although I
> did commit code and updated docs in cvs). Every release required from me a
> tremendous amount of time documenting it, supporting new users, fixing
> distribution related issues, etc. I'll help, but I can't take care of it
> entirelly by myself.

I am willing to give it a try. Like you, I don't have as much time
to devote as I would like - perhaps between us we can keep going better.

I did spend some time (and had a bit of help) putting together the
infrastructure to make sanewall releases and website updates as
painless as possible, so I should be able to help streamline that.

> I beleive we should use github for code and support requests. I use github
> daily for very large private projects and I am excited the way it
> associates issues with commits and releases/milestones.

That is fine with me.

> II would prefer and I'll be pleased if we keep the name firehol, but if the
> name sanewall is a requirement from you, I'll accept it.

FireHOL is better. It has all the history behind it and I know not
everyone liked the name sanewall anyway.

> If you decide we keep the name firehol, I'll give you all rights on firehol
> github repo and sourceforge project.

OK. Do you have a feel for how much infrastructure should move off
sourceforge as part of a transition to github? Personally I think it
will be easier if it is all moved off in the end but it can be
transitioned gradually.

If you agree, I will try to devote some time soon to come up with a
list of things for consideration (website URL, docs, mailing lists, ...)
so we can decide what stays the same, what changes and what I do first.

Setting up a www.firehol.org website should be easy provided the domain
owner comes forward (it currently redirects to the sourceforge page).
Mailing lists might be a bit more work but should be possible to move too.

I am philwhineray on both github and sourceforge, btw.

> Do you believe we can join forces on such a basis?

Yes, and look forward to it.

Kind Regards

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