[Firehol-support] Multiple Ip Allows - Denigh rest of subnet

Costa Tsaousis costa at tsaousis.gr
Mon Dec 1 05:20:48 GMT 2003

See bellow

> accepted_ips="
> #

I don't think that BASH will accept this # as a comment.
You can move this list to another file (say, /etc/firehol/ips.txt) and use
this here:

accepted_ips="`cat /etc/firehol/ips.txt | grep -v '^#'`"

(copy and paste it, there are 3 kinds of quotes here)
Then put this in /etc/firehol/ips.txt

Note that the # has to be the first character of line. If it is not, it
will appear in your list. No other comments are allowed in this file.

> router lan2internet inface eth1 outface eth0
> masquerade
> route ${accepted_ips} accept

Delete this. It does the same job with the one bellow.

> router internet2lan inface eth0 outface eth1
> masquerade reverse
> client all accept
> server ident reject with tcp-reset

Change the client statement to:

client all accept src "${accepted_ips}"



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