[Firehol-support] psad and firehol

Jerome BENOIT jgmbenoit at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 26 20:58:36 GMT 2003

Hello List,

I have just written down my first FireHOL script:
my first trouble comes from psad: it emails the message:

  ** The INPUT chain in the iptables ruleset on _CHANGEME_ includes a
     default LOG rule for all protocols, but the rule does not have a log
     prefix of "DROP".  It appears as though the log prefix is set to
     "IN-unknown:".  psad will not be able to detect scans without adding
     --log-prefix "DROP" to the rule.

I have try to put the following line to my script:

FIREHOL_LOG_OPTIONS="--log-prefix \"DROP\""

but I get an error message saying that iptable does not support
twice the same option.

Is there a clean to satisfy psad ?

Thanks inadvance,

Please CC your reponse to my email address
as I am not a memeber the list, thanks.

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