[Firehol-support] Stream compression rules?

Costa Tsaousis costa at tsaousis.gr
Mon Feb 10 19:52:11 GMT 2003

Hi Scott,

I guess to achieve this you would need some kind of
tunneling/encapsulation protocol, i.e. a VPN.

There are a few solutions for VPN, including CIPE (redhat8 has this
pre-installed) and FreeS/WAN (http://www.freeswan.org/).

However, I don't know if the above support compression (they should).

Costa Tsaousis

Scott MacKay said:
> Maybe more of a iptables question I am guessing, but
> is there any way to establish data compression between
> simularly configured hosts?  I did not know if there
> were any rules or enforcable methods to cause data
> paths to become compressed...
> -Scott

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