[Firehol-support] fireHOL on Debian

Bernhard Gruen bjmg at h0t.de
Thu Mar 13 22:30:19 GMT 2003


As I said on the Web Forum I am using a Debian System. On Debian there 
are some things different than on your development platform!
Some examples:
The directory /etc/sysconfig doesn't exist but I have seen that Debian 
has somewere in /etc an other directory for saving such packet filter 
configs. Because this directory doesn't exist fireHOL gets an error on 
saving to the iptables file.
The panic command can't work on Debian because the command 
/etc/init.d/iptables panic is not defined in the default debian iptables 
script. What does panic on your system?
Also the squid entry is NOT in /etc/services (at least on my woody) so i 
got an error at this point.

These are only light error nothing important. But I think that such 
things should go to the documentation.

Bernhard from Germany

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