[Firehol-support] fireHOL on Debian

Costa Tsaousis costa at tsaousis.gr
Thu Mar 13 23:05:25 GMT 2003

Are you sure?

I already have a few more users of debian systems and they have not
reported any such differences.

Next Steps:

1. Where is debian expecting the iptables config file?

2. panic gives a firewall that allows nothing.

3. Which is the default squid port on your system?

4. Are you using the latest debian distribution?

Costa Tsaousis

Bernhard Gruen said:
> Hey,
> As I said on the Web Forum I am using a Debian System. On Debian there
> are some things different than on your development platform!
> Some examples:
> The directory /etc/sysconfig doesn't exist but I have seen that Debian
> has somewere in /etc an other directory for saving such packet filter
> configs. Because this directory doesn't exist fireHOL gets an error on
> saving to the iptables file.
> The panic command can't work on Debian because the command
> /etc/init.d/iptables panic is not defined in the default debian iptables
>  script. What does panic on your system?
> Also the squid entry is NOT in /etc/services (at least on my woody) so i
>  got an error at this point.
> These are only light error nothing important. But I think that such
> things should go to the documentation.
> Bernhard from Germany
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