[Firehol-support] another port forwarding question...

Alain Bacon syntek67 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 19 19:12:15 BST 2003

Hi, I have read the FAQ for port forward issues and have
found it very helping, but I still have an issue that
I has not yet been resolved.  :(

I have a firewall/gateway configured this way...

eth0 => internet
eth1 => lan 

I would like to dnat http requests coming on eth0, to a
machine on the lan (I know how to do this), BUT only if it
comes from some given trusted machines on the internet
(this I don't know)... 

also, what is SNAT? I believe it to be Source NAT, but I
can't figure out a concrete example of why I would want to
do this... unless it is releated to I am trying to do?

Thansk for any help...

Oh, btw... firehol is a really great product... hope it
will not fall into oblivion, because I really don't have
that much time to spend reading and writing iptables
scripts... :)

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