[Firehol-support] very long blacklist

Bernhard J. M. Gruen bjmg at h0t.de
Thu Apr 15 15:31:21 BST 2004


First: I use firehol for about 1 year now and I think it is very good!
I want to load and use a very long blacklist (about 6000 ip ranges) but 
it take too long to load. Can I speed up this process somehow? (At the 
moment every entry is on a single line (blacklist full IP/MASK))
Another problem is that you have to restart the whole firewall script if 
you only want to add/change/delete one rule (e. g. blacklist entry). 
Wouldn't it be possible to support something like reconfiguring a 
already loaded firewall? With this you can use your system/network 
before every blacklist entry is processed.

Bernhard from Germany

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