[Firehol-support] IRC blocking

Christian - Salcam christec at salcam.com.br
Tue Aug 3 12:17:42 BST 2004

    Thnaks again, Costa.  = )  And thanks John Dalton too. You were correct,
my route all was freeing the irc traffic.
    Just one more thing: Should I not use the statement "route all accept" ?
Or just dropping the traffic I don't want to be routed some lines above
resolves everything?

    Thanks again for your attention,

Christian Prediger Appel

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Do you run an IRC server on the Linux gateway? The "server irc " statement
is placed to an INTERFACE meaning that you run an IRC server on that

I suspect you are running an IRC client on the LAN and the IRC server is
somewhere in the internet. If this the case, you have to put a:

route irc drop

in your lan2internet ROUTER.


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