[Firehol-support] IRC blocking

Christian - Salcam christec at salcam.com.br
Fri Jul 30 20:04:30 BST 2004

    Hello, guys!
    First, thanks Costa for all your work.

    My Linux gateway have 2 NIC, external and internal, as usual.

    Second: I have an "easy problem" to solve, but it's not working. I want to stop irc conversation, and for so I'm using the following syntax in my internal NIC:

    server irc    drop

    But for what I do remember, I don't need to explicitly close any port, just don't create a "accept rule", ok?
    Even creating this "denying rule", irc is still allowed. Someone could help me?

    Thanks for any help.

    Christian Prediger Appel
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