[Firehol-support] IRC blocking

Costa Tsaousis costa at tsaousis.gr
Sat Jul 31 03:05:06 BST 2004

Hi Christian,

What you describe cannot be happening. Something else is allowing the
traffic to pass. Could you please post your config file?


PS: When you have the "server irc accept" statement, if you change it to:

server irc accept log "IRC"

and then start an IRC conversation, does it log "IRC" packets in the
system log? It should if this statement matches the traffic.

>     Hello, guys!
>     First, thanks Costa for all your work.
>     My Linux gateway have 2 NIC, external and internal, as usual.
>     Second: I have an "easy problem" to solve, but it's not working. I
> want to stop irc conversation, and for so I'm using the following
> syntax in my internal NIC:
>     server irc    drop
>     But for what I do remember, I don't need to explicitly close any port,
> just don't create a "accept rule", ok?
>     Even creating this "denying rule", irc is still allowed. Someone could
> help me?
>     Thanks for any help.
>     Christian Prediger Appel

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