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hipa hipa at rediffmail.com
Tue Nov 2 16:39:42 GMT 2004

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Hi All,
I have a kind of bizzare problem on my hands. I have a private network which uses the gateway . The machine(A) has got a seperate internet connection and has a public ip of 203.90.xxx.xxx.

I installed firehol on `A' where besides normal firewall rule, I do packet forwarding for an internal machine: Afterwards I ran nmap scan on the public ip 203.90.xxx.xxx where the packets are routed via . The bizzare thing is that while the nmap is going on(and even after its finishing for a while) the internal ip( or for that matter any other machine in the private LAN becomes inaccessible(from all the machines, even which are not running nmap). This problem is solved if I remove firehol.

For you consideration, my firehol.conf is attached below.

Any pointer as to how, will be highly helpful.

Best Regards,
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