[Firehol-support] Re: Quick review of conf

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sat Nov 6 00:37:17 GMT 2004

On 6 Nov 2004, Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have recently started using firehol, and I'm certainly pleased with 
> it. However, just to make sure I'm not doing anything utterly wrong 
> security-wise, I'd like for firehol veteran eyes to quickly glance over
> my conf below.

The configuration looks mostly fine to me.

> Does it look somewhat sane, or am I missing something important?

Wireless networks are *very* insecure, and you trust yours completely.  

You may want to reconsider that policy, or you may not, depending on how
much risk you feel there is.

If you /don't/ use WPA, or some other rekeying strategy for WEP, you
have a good chance of someone getting in that way, though.

I usually recommend using a VPN solution, typically OpenVPN, over a WEP
protected WLAN as a reasonable level of security.

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