[Firehol-support] Re: open new ports

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Mon Nov 8 02:07:23 GMT 2004

On 8 Nov 2004, Grigory Fateyev wrote:
> I want to open new ports for amavisd-new 10024 and 10025. Write in the
> beggin of firehol.conf
> server_amavisd_ports="any/10024 any/10025"
> client_amavisd_ports="default"
> But firehol rail to --sport
> How to fix this?

Early versions of bash 3 had a bug that would cause some parts of the
argument to be lost; you may want to check that you are up to date with
the current bash 3 release if you are not already.

Also, you might just use 'tcp/10024 tcp/10025' for the server ports
given that Amavisd-new only uses TCP connections.

If that doesn't help I can't offer any more immediate advice, though.

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