[Firehol-support] Re: configuration file problem?

Camilo Rostoker camilo at scottsdale.ca
Fri Jan 7 08:13:05 GMT 2005

> Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.  I am fairly certain I do 
> have iptables built into my kernel.  The reason I believe I have 
> iptables installed is because I was playing around, adding/removing 
> simple rules (i.e. ping) from an online tutorial and that seemed to 
> work ok ...I have rebuilt the kernel myself several times to include 
> more and more modules that kept appearing to be missing.  I am using 
> kernel version 2.4.26 on a Debian Woody dist.  Not sure what to do 
> now...sorry I don't know any more.

Hi, sorry to bother everyone... I checked into the kernel situation and 
enabled everything in the netfilter category and now it seems to work 
fine.  I didn't realize that it needed all those extra modules.

Thanks for the help.




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