[Firehol-support] Firehol + SER

Jean-Michel Hiver jhiver at ykoz.net
Sun Jan 15 13:58:52 GMT 2006

Hi List,

I am playing with SER (SIP Express Router, see http://iptel.org) but it 
seems it has some issues playing nicely with firehol.

For some reason, doing a SIP -> SER -> SIP call works fine but doing a 
SIP -> SER -> Asterisk call fails. Which is strange since Asterisk is 
setup to use SIP as well...

Here is my firewall config (it is very straightforward...):

interface any world
        server ssh accept
        server ping accept
        server http accept
        server https accept
        server sip accept
        server rtp accept
        client ssh accept
        client ping accept
        client http accept
        client https accept
        client sip accept
        client rtp accept
        client dns accept
        client ntp accept

Any ideas?


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