[Firehol-support] Firehol + SER

Jean-Michel Hiver jhiver at ykoz.net
Sun Jan 15 14:04:01 GMT 2006

Jean-Michel Hiver a écrit :

> Hi List,
> I am playing with SER (SIP Express Router, see http://iptel.org) but 
> it seems it has some issues playing nicely with firehol.
> For some reason, doing a SIP -> SER -> SIP call works fine but doing a 
> SIP -> SER -> Asterisk call fails. Which is strange since Asterisk is 
> setup to use SIP as well...

Following on this, here is the message which SER is sending to me:

U ->
SIP/2.0 477 Unfortunately error on sending to next hop occurred (477/TM).
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK974E5075F3C455B9F472246E8BCC.
From: <sip:jhiver at ser.ykoz.net>;tag=BF55CF0BC5EFB8A367F86E0CBCFC.
<sip:0081126251531 at ser.ykoz.net>;tag=411afb5c1b133bd033335c2b4f1fa2fb-e21e.
Call-ID: 7AEBE48DE7B8D0A079E61B63AFF0 at
CSeq: 483 INVITE.
Server: Sip EXpress router (0.9.4 (i386/linux)).
Content-Length: 0.
Warning: 392 "Noisy feedback tells:  pid=17518 
req_src_ip= req_src_port=5060 
in_uri=sip:0081126251531 at ser.ykoz.net 
out_uri=sip:0081126251531 at via_cnt==1".

When I stop firehol the problem goes away.


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