[Firehol-support] New unreserved IP addresses to removed from RESERVED_IPS

Ross Smith II fireholspam at netebb.com
Wed Nov 8 15:22:31 GMT 2006


http://www.iana.org/assignments/ipv4-address-space has unreserved:

077/8   Aug 06   RIPE NCC                            (whois.ripe.net)
078/8   Aug 06   RIPE NCC                            (whois.ripe.net)
079/8   Aug 06   RIPE NCC                            (whois.ripe.net)

096/8   Oct 06   ARIN                                (whois.arin.net)
097/8   Oct 06   ARIN                                (whois.arin.net)
098/8   Oct 06   ARIN                                (whois.arin.net)
099/8   Oct 06   ARIN                                (whois.arin.net)

so we need to update line 324 in firehol.sh, and remove

and change


The full line should now read:

RESERVED_IPS="\ \ \ \ \ "

I generated this list by following the instructions in get-iana.sh, and
adding manually, which, for some reason, get-iana.sh
specifically excludes in line 60.

for the last change made to this variable in CVS.


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