[Firehol-support] Forwarding PPTP and GRE traffic to an internal server

Marcus Williams marcus at quintic.co.uk
Fri Feb 23 09:59:53 GMT 2007

Hi -

We have an odd (?) firewall/vpn configuration:

ADSL Router -------- Hardware VPN +
|                                 |
|                                 |
FW Gateway                        |
|                                 |
|                                 |
Internal Network (IN1..n)        IN5

So internal traffic bound for internet goes through FW gateway as does
incoming internet traffic. VPN bound traffic gets routed to IN5 and then
on to the HW VPN and then to the internet.

We now have a need for external VPN traffic to come in and get routed to
the VPN. I dont think our ADSL router supports setting this up (it only
has a passthrough setting). How would I get firehol to forward PPTP and
GRE traffic to IN5?



Marcus Williams, CAD Schroer UK Limited
39 Newnham Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EY

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