[Firehol-support] Problems defining/using

Martins Galenieks martin.sysdev at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 3 15:26:41 BST 2007

Hi guys,

I have written /etc/firehol/firehol.conf according to the documentation
which can be found on http://firehol.sourceforge.net/ . And I am not keen to
rewrite /usr/sbin/firehol Bash script to solve the problem. Maybe somebody
could point where I am wrong?

My configuration file contains the following directive:
version 5
server_gnaxback_ports="tcp/9999 tcp/9990 tcp/3321"
ipaddress="x.y.z.z" #Numerical IP
interface eth0 pub
        server "gnaxback mysql ssh ping snmp" accept src "$ipaddress"

But I am getting the following error:

FireHOL: Saving your old firewall to a temporary file: OK
FireHOL: Processing file /etc/firehol/firehol.conf:/usr/sbin/firehol: line
4826: rules_gnaxback: command not found

#: 1
WHAT   : Running complex rules function rules_gnaxback() for server
WHY    : There is no service 'gnaxback' defined.
COMMAND: server gnaxback\ mysql\ ping\ snmp\ ssh accept
SOURCE : line 32 of /etc/firehol/firehol.conf

NOTICE: No changes made to your firewall.

FireHOL: Restoring old firewall: OK
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