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F that was so, that of itself would be certificate enough as to her
possession of mind. There is always a dignity and a strength about her
utterances that make us feel sure that she had always had a mind far
above her neighbours, Mrs. Bat's-eyes, Mrs. Light-mind, and Mrs. Know-
nothing. The first time she opens her mouth in our hearing she lets fall
an expression that Milton had just made famous in his _Samson_-- "Ease
to the body some, none to the mind From restless thoughts, that like a
deadly swarm Of hornets armed no sooner found alone, But rush upon me
thronging, and present Times past, what once I was, and what am now."
Nor can I leave this point without asserting it to you that no church
and no school of theology has ever developed the mind as well as
sanctified the heart of the common people like the preaching of the
Puritan pulpit. Matthew Arnold was not likely to over-estimate the good
that Puritanism had done to England. Indeed, in his earlier writings he
sometimes went out of his way to lament the hurt that the Puritan spirit
had done to liberality of life and mind in his native land. But in his
riper years we find him saying: "Certainly," he says, "I am not blind to
the faults of the Puritan discipline, but it has been an invaluable
discipline for that poor, inattentive, and immoral creature, man. And
the more I read hi
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