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Disgrace is, that so very vile a man is so nearly related to them. But
yet--alas! my dear, I am so fearful of consequences, so selfishly
fearful, if this negative must be given--I don't know what I should
say--but give me leave to suspend, however, this negative till I hear
from you again. This earnest courtship of you into their splendid family
is so very honourable to you--they so justly admire you--you must have
had such a noble triumph over the base man--he is so much in
earnest--the world knows so much of the unhappy affair--you may do still
so much good--your will is so inviolate--your relations are so
implacable--think, my dear, and re-think. And let me leave you to do so,
while I give you the occasion of the flutter I mentioned at the
beginning of this letter; in the conclusion of which you will find the
obligation I have consented to lay myself under, to refer this important
point once more to your discussion, before I give, in your name, the
negative that cannot, when given, be with honour to yourself repented of
or recalled. Know, then, my dear, that I accompanied my mother to
Colonel Ambrose's on the occasion I mentioned to you in my former. Many
ladies and gentlemen were there whom you know; particularly Miss Kitty
D'Oily, Miss Lloyd, Miss B
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