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 December 18, 2009


 Dear Friend, <http://www.ebuppies.com>

 eBuppies.com (www.ebuppies.com <http://www.ebuppies.com/signup.php>
) is a new online dating site that is dedicated to providing singles
from all over with the opportunity to connect with other buppy singles
in their local area or anywhere of their choice. 

 More and more buppy singles are going online to connect with others
because going out week after week to nightclubs and bars can be
tiresome, as well as expensive. eBuppies.com makes dating easy by
hosting hundreds of profiles of different singles looking for love.
Buppies can join on a monthly basis for less than they would probably
pay for one night at a nightclub or bar.

 Buppies who are looking for love, romance or just friendship now have
a unique resource that can help them discover their future soul mate:

 Although high technology drives eBuppies.com, the online dating site
is simple and easy for buppies to navigate. Buppies can register,
browse, search and contact other singles
at no charge. There is also no charge for buppies to upload a photo
with their profile. A control panel enables buppies to customize
preferences based on their individual requirements. The control panel
also blocks undesired contacts for buppies' convenience.

 The pricing for membership is quite cost effective especially for the
average buppy. By January 31 2010 visitors can sign up for 1 Month and
get 30 Days extra membership exclusively through our THIRTYPLUS
 promo code.

 For more information, visit www.ebuppies.com.

 About eBuppies.com:

 eBuppies.com is a new online dating service based in San Francisco.
Its goal is to provide easy and affordable online dating to Black
Urban Professionals by using state of the art chat systems, instant
messaging, and forum technology to satisfy today's evolving online
community demands.

 Terms of use <http://www.ebuppies.com/index.php?page=terms_of_use>

 Contact Info:

 Name: Mr. F. Jackson

 Address: 1230 Market Street, #252

 City: San Francisco

 State: California

 Country: United States

 Zip: 94102

 Web Address: www.ebuppies.com <http://www.ebuppies.com/signup.php>

 Phone: 510-575-4124



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 Women More Likely to Snoop Than Men

 Nov 24, 2009

 In the new film, Little Black Book, Brittany Murphy's character
engages in some high-tech snooping on her new boyfriend. Based...

 				more <http://www.ebuppies.com/signup.php>

 Internet Dating More Successful than Thought

 Nov 24, 2009

 Internet dating is proving a much more successful way to find
long-term romance and friendship for thousands of people than...

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 Success Stories

 A Sister's Story

 Sep 11, 2009

 by				 			Monique <javascript:popUpScrollWindow2(>

 What initially started out as something to relieve a little boredom
and to have some fun turned into one of...

 more <http://www.ebuppies.com/signup.php>

 All Stories <http://www.ebuppies.com/signup.php>


 Welcome to eBuppies.com

 See why eBuppies.com is the fastest growing Black Urban Professional
relationship site on the web. Create your eBuppies.com profile to
begin the exciting journey towards finding your match.

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