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Eir children, acknowledging the duty and reverence they ought to bear
unto them? No man living is more bound to show himself thankful in all
parts and respects than thyself, who so universally showest all
ingratitude. Moreover, my son, thou hast sorely taken of thy country,
exacting grievous payments upon them in revenge of the injuries offered
thee; besides, thou hast not hitherto showed thy poor mother any
courtesy. And, therefore, it is not only honest, but due unto me, that
without compulsion I should obtain my so just and reasonable request of
thee. But since by reason I cannot persuade ye to it, to what purpose do
I defer my last hope?" And with these words, herself, his wife, and
children, fell down upon their knees before him. [82] _Vide_ Daru,
Histoire de Bretagne. [83] _Vide_ Sir Peter Leycester's Antiquities of
Chester. [84] By the treaty of Messina, 1190 [85] Malone says, that "In
expanding the character of the bastard, Shakspeare seems to have
proceeded on the following slight hint in an old play on the story of
King John:-- Next them a bastard of the king's d
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