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Ry, they had no reason sufficient to justify them in their cruel and
vindictive course; but they did no more than was to be expected from an
entirely barbarous nation, and I am sure they had no good example in the
conduct of the white people, from whom much better behavior might have
been expected." "Well, papa, what were some of the wrongs that the
Indians endured!" "The Indians regarded the whites as intruders, and
maddened by some acts of injustice and oppression committed by the early
settlers, they conceived a deadly hatred, which the whites returned with
equal intensity; and for each crime committed by either of them, the
opposite party inflicted a retribution more terrible than the act which
provoked it, and the Indian, being less powerful, but equally wicked,
was the victim." "Well, although I think the Indians were very wicked, I
pity them, but I feel a great deal more for the poor slave," said little
Cornelia. "I think they were very cruel, sis, but I still think that
they were very badly treated," said Alfred. "There is no doubt of that,"
answered his father; "but, my son, when you began the argument you said
that you thought the Indians were more deserving of compassion than the
Africans. Now this is the difference. The Indians were always a warlike
and treacherous race; their most solemn compacts were broken as soon as
their own purposes had been served. And they were continually harassing
the settlers; indeed they have not ceased yet, for at the present time
they are attacking and murdering the traders who cross the plains, if
they are not well armed, and in sufficiently large companies to keep
them in check. Now the Americans had never this cause of complaint
against the Africans, for, although like all heathen, they were debased,
and were c
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