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 of themselves--and they never considered him raw or green in any
respect. Her confidence in Harley and the momentary elation returned as
they stood there in this cup in the mountain-side and looked out upon
the expanse of peak and plain. She ate, too, with an appetite that the
mountain air sharpened, and she thrilled with strength and hope. Mr.
Plummer, from some motive that she did not understand, kept himself in
the background during the stop; nor did she know how his big heart was
filled with wrath and gloom. But as he stood silently at the farthest
rim of the circle, he resolved to push his fortunes, which was in
accordance with his nature. "Will you walk to the edge of the cove with
me?" he said to the candidate, when he saw that the latter had finished
his luncheon, and Mr. Grayson, without a word, complied with his
request. Jimmy Grayson must have had some premonition of what was to
come, because he obeyed his first impulse, and glanced at Harley and
Sylvia, who were standing together. He was confirmed in his thought when
he saw the look of gloom and resolve upon the face of his friend. "I
want to speak to you of Sylvia," said "King" Plummer, in tones of hurry,
as if it cost him an effort. "It's about our marriage. I think I ought
to hurry it up a little. You see--well, you can't help seeing, that,
compared with Sylvia, I'm old. I'm not really old, but I'm old enough to
be her father, an' youth has a way that's pretty hard to break of
turnin' to youth." "Yes," said Jimmy Grayson. "Sylvia's just a girl; she
don't seem much more 'n a child to me, an' lately she's been travellin'
about a heap, an' she's met new people. Now, I don't blame her, don't
think that, because it's natural, but here is this young writin' chap."
"Harley, you mean?" "Yes. An' I'm not sayin' anythin' against him,
either, though writin' has never been much in my line, but he an' Sylvia
seem to have taken a sort of shine to each other--I don't know whether
it amounts to any more than that, though I suppose it could if it was
give a chance; but down there in Queen City he did more for her than I
did, or anybody e
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