[Firehol-support] Problem setting up FireQOS on A-DSL with PPPoE

Florian Schröck floschroeck at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 10:20:20 GMT 2013

I was looking for a traffic shaping solution for my home network and i love
firehol i stumbled upon fireqos. To get started i just pasted the  complete
example from the howto and changed the DEVICE=ppp0 and the speeds.
ppp0 is my PPPoE device on my raspberry pi from a german DSL provider. But
at the start i just get the errors below. Can somebody point me in the
right direction?
Thank you!

FireQOS $Id: 3bd5794f2e29d2748784acd5d7810d54ba1e99e2 $
(C) 2013 Costa Tsaousis, GPL

: interface ppp0 world-in input rate 14000kbit adsl local pppoe-llcCannot
find device "ppp0-ifb"

FAILED: Cannot bring device ppp0-ifb UP.

Clearing failed interface: world-in (ppp0 input => ppp0-ifb)...

         ppp0-ifb: ./fireqos.in: line 334: interface_inout: command not
cleared traffic control
         ppp0-ifb: removed IFB device

No traffic control is operational by FireQOS

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