[Firehol-support] Problem setting up FireQOS on A-DSL with PPPoE

Tsaousis, Costa costa at tsaousis.gr
Sat Nov 2 12:10:45 GMT 2013

Hi Florian,

Thanks for trying FireQOS.

It seems that your kernel does not have the IFB module. What distro
are you using? Which kernel version?

To verify you don't have IFB in kernel, fo this:

# modprobe ifb

does it work?

Without IFB in your kernel, you are limited to use FireQOS for traffic
control on the output of interfaces only. Copy and paste only the
output interface to see it working.


2013/11/2 Florian Schröck <floschroeck at gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I was looking for a traffic shaping solution for my home network and i love
> firehol i stumbled upon fireqos. To get started i just pasted the  complete
> example from the howto and changed the DEVICE=ppp0 and the speeds.
> ppp0 is my PPPoE device on my raspberry pi from a german DSL provider. But
> at the start i just get the errors below. Can somebody point me in the right
> direction?
> Thank you!
> FireQOS $Id: 3bd5794f2e29d2748784acd5d7810d54ba1e99e2 $
> (C) 2013 Costa Tsaousis, GPL
> : interface ppp0 world-in input rate 14000kbit adsl local pppoe-llcCannot
> find device "ppp0-ifb"
> FAILED: Cannot bring device ppp0-ifb UP.
> Clearing failed interface: world-in (ppp0 input => ppp0-ifb)...
>          ppp0-ifb: ./fireqos.in: line 334: interface_inout: command not
> found
> cleared traffic control
>          ppp0-ifb: removed IFB device
> No traffic control is operational by FireQOS
> bye...
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