[Firehol-support] Opeswan route all traffic

Aleksander Ol aleksander_2005 at mail.ru
Sun Jun 8 08:49:40 BST 2014

Good afternoon.
I can not send traffic as IPSEC .

configured so
1) Eth0 ( Internal Network .... )
2) Eth1  ( Internet )

I setup Openswan IPsec .... use (netkey ) 
Now All local traffic work fine ... but i neet route all traffic to VPN .... Internet also.
I need that users went through a remote gateway with any established VPN connection
If that does not work VPN Internet also should not work

The problem is that OpenSwan IPSEC  does not create a separate interface

If anyone knows how to config. Help please

Sorry for my english
Aleksander Ol
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